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Sean Flood Tattoo started out about 25 years ago when he first put some crayons to paper as young kid. Growing up in a home that regarded tattoos as trashy and forbidden, tattoos were an art form that came much later in life. Studying art throughout all of grammar school and into high school, the passion for art in all it’s forms grew and grew. Mainly working on full-scale, large murals for schools, gymnasiums, baby nurseries and local businesses and churches, the flow of consistent work wasn’t quite there. A tattoo apprenticeship came to mind after friend and fellow artist Ian Scurlock had began his own tattooing career. After entering an apprenticeship at IV Horsemen Tattoo Parlor in Panama City, Sean met with artist Hugh Fowler and soon became a pupil of his learning all types of tattoo styles with an emphasis on neo traditional tattooing. Now 3 years later, Sean is continuing his everyday study of tattoos of all genres under the great mentorship of his good friends at A Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Parlor in Panama City.